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(16yrs+) Aerial Hoop & Aerial Hammock

(also known as Lyra or Cerceau) is a large steel hoop, suspended from the ceiling on which you can perform aerial acrobatics! remember playing on the climbing frames as a kid? well this is just like that!

The class will include a warm up, moves in and around the hoop, conditioning and flexibility exercises and over your 4 week course you will learn an Aerial Hoop routine.

We advise students to wear suitable clothing for the aerial hoop classes. It is important to have skin covered and suggest wearing several layers. It is also safer to wear more fitted clothing so that it does not get caught whilst on the hoop. Leggings, tights, t- shirts and leotards are all suitable.

Please visit the timetable and fees page for booking information.

Terms and Conditions
No refunds or transfer on all pole/hoop courses. 24 hour cancellation policy.

Private lesson 
Private lessons can be used (instructor dependant see booking system for details) for Flexibility, Aerial Hoop, Pole Fitness or Dance.

Private Lessons (price per hour)
£25 for up to 2 people
3-6 people additional £10 per person
(For regular bookings we can do a tailor made group packages so please get in touch)